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Chipped, Broken Tooth Emergency Dentist in Palmdale CA

Do you have cracked, broken, or chipped teeth? At our dental practice, our aim is to help restore the form and function of your teeth. Our dedicated team of well-experienced chipped, broken tooth dentists will fix your chipped teeth with strong and durable replacements. With this, we can help restore your beautiful and attractive smile.

Who is a Chipped, Broken Tooth Dentist?

Chipped, broken tooth dentists are also commonly referred to as an emergency dentist; they specialize in treating and replacing damaged teeth and missing teeth. The experienced broken tooth dentists at our facility can help replace lost teeth, treat broken teeth, and help with your dental implants

Procedure for Treating Chipped, Broken Tooth

Here are some dental procedures for treating chipped, broken tooth:

Dental Bonding: This procedure involves repairing chipped and broken teeth by roughening your tooth and putting on a conditioning liquid. The putty is then molded, smoothed, and applied. Then the composite is hardened by ultraviolet light. When the bonding of the tooth is dried, it will be polished and shaped to align with the rest of the tooth.

Veneers: Veneers are covers for teeth; our specialized dentists use porcelain veneers because of how attractive their results are. The veneer is attached to the tooth’s front, which transforms the tooth’s outlook. With proper care, veneers can be viable for up to 30years.

Crowns: If you feel pain while chewing and drinking or if the chipping of your teeth is done poorly, our specialists sometimes refer a crown to you in this case; this is because crowns are the most popular treatments for situations like this. 

A crown is like a cap that covers the tooth, protects it, and improves the tooth’s appearance. It serves as a strong cover for your tooth. Crowns also, in their way, help to prevent you from losing teeth. Without crowns, most damaged teeth cannot withstand the pressure of chewing.

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